Prevent any leak,
Before it happens

With our system, you don’t have to worry about wasting water and paying for the damage.


With all features you need

Custos is the smart home device kit that detects even the slightest leaks in your beloved home.

Easy DIY Installation

No pipe cutting. No plumber needed. Completely hassle-free.


Automatically closes if water leak
detected. No Wi-Fi needed.

Outdoor Using

Automatically closes if water leak
detected. No Wi-Fi needed.

How Does It Works?

Custos is the pro way of protecting your living and working spaces from water leaks. After you install the Ball Valve Servo onto your pipe in 20 seconds, the system connects each other through the LoRaWan. This simply allows every Custos smart devices to be in touch with each other and notify you of everything.

Most common use cases to present water leaks at home

#1 Case
Place water leak sensor under or near laundry machine
#2 Case
Place water leak sensor under kitchen sink
#3 Case
Place water leak sensor anywhere in your basement


The features of Custos are designed to keep your home safe and sound.

No more cutting pipes

Installing Custos requires nothing but your two hands and a minute. You don’t need any equipment or call someone for installation.

Outdoor Use

Worrying about the pipes in the garden? You can use Custos Kit both indoors and outdoors to keep the water system in control all over your house.

Wireless and Fast

Worrying about the pipes in the garden? You can use Custos Kit both indoors and outdoors to keep the water system in control all over your house.

Long-lasting Batteries

Custos Water Leak Sensors can work for 10 years on a single battery. So you don’t have to think about when was the last time you checked them.

Works Offline

Custos automatically closes if a water leak is detected. No wifi is needed.

Waterproofed IP66

All Custos devices are IP66 waterproofed, meaning they’re protected from total dust ingress.

Solid Mechanism

Custos Ball Valve Servo deals with the toughest valve with ease. The BVS stops before overturning the torque.

Remote Control

See all notifications of all the devices in your home on Custos App. Follow the details of every Custos device anytime you want.

Keep your home dry and safe, simply from your mobile device

Thanks to Custos Home mobile application you can always be connected with your living space and keep it dry easily.

We are happy to share our client’s review


Cindy Mullen Boston, MA

One of the best parts of CUSTOS is how I can add multiple devices on the app and be up on any leak just on time. This way I can get things right immediately. Moreover CUSTOS shuts down main water valve in case of a leak automatically so that’s a plus right there. After I got mine, I ordered another KIT for my parent’s house. Now I can relax knowing that they are safe as well.

Jane Pitterson Hartford, Connecticut

I was afraid of the time of the set up but to my surprise it took minutes. From opening the package to downloading the app, everything was where it should be! The directions were clear so I had no problems getting everything where it belongs. Definitely recommended!

James Barnes San jose, California

I moved to a bigger but older home and wanted to cover every ground ro prevent any disasters. Custos Kit and Water Leak Sensors helped me achieve just that. I put them dark corners and now I go everywhere with a piece of mind. Great for protecting your property whereever you are.

Daniel Ray Boston, Massachusetts

I never knew how importan it was to have CUSTOS until we had a leaking disaster. We spent thousands of dollars to renovation and spent our every waking moment cleaning our home. After we got CUSTOS, we could finally rest assured that it covers the whole house. Even when we’re not there.

Molly Barron Tampa, FL

I’ve got two beautiful cats at home. And sometimes I have to leave them alone for work. Those times I would worry for a possible leak at home. But with CUSTOS KIT, now I can work with a piece of mind. CUSTOS shuts down water valve and prevent any disaster. My kids and I are extremely grateful for this Kit!

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